The Leaders of Change Foundation and the Borussia Foundation open the recruitment for participation in the Study Tours to Poland Program for motivated, active young people from Moldova and Ukraine.

Our goal is for people from different countries to meet and get to know each other. In this way, we want to build and develop relationships in our part of Europe. The point of reference in this process are people and institutions from Poland, who share their success stories and challenges with the participants.

STP is not only about gaining new experience, but also about sharing your own. And although there is not much time for rest, spending common leisure time with other participants of the visit, organizers, and volunteers, makes it possible to get to know peers and peers from neighboring countries closer and make new friends.

To participate in the STP, candidates are selected on a competitive basis.


The STP is open to university students who combine successful studies with extracurricular activities of their universities (for example, in student government) or who are active in public/youth organizations, volunteer movements, etc.

A candidate for participation in the STP must meet all the following formal requirements at the same time:

  1. have citizenship of Moldova or Ukraine

  2. to live and study in higher educational institutions based in program countries (Moldova and Ukraine) or other countries such as Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Bulgaria and Romania.

  3. to be born from July 1st, 2001 to December 31st, 2005

  4. to have a valid international passport (duration date is at least until September 30th, 2024).



The application process is FREE OF CHARGE!


Applications from candidates are accepted until January 22th, 2024 inclusive (until 23:59 CET)

Each of the candidates will receive information on the results of the competition individually by February 22th, 2024 to the e-mail specified in the application


Visits are held from April to May 2024 (specific dates of participation will be submitted to the accepted participants individually).

The duration of the visit is 11 days.


  • accommodation is at hostel/dormitory (multiple guest rooms with other participants) in the city where the program visit is organized

  • three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

  • assistance in obtaining a free visa for the period of participation in STP

  • partial reimbursement of travel expenses in international traffic



The Study Tours to Poland program is funded by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation.

Program implementation costs

The organizers bear all expenses for the preparation and implementation of the program of the visit to Poland

Accommodation and food expenses

The organizers cover all expenses for accommodation and three meals a day for the participants on the territory of Poland during the STP visit.

Travel expenses

The organizers provide partial reimbursement of travel expenses from the participant’s current place of studying to the STP program implementation site as well as travel expenses from the site back to the participant's current place of studying.

Please note that the route, means of transport, departure date and cost must be discussed with the organizers before the visit and must be approved by them. The travel expenses that were not confirmed by the organizers would not be reimbursed.

Visa and other expenses

  • The Organizer sends an invitation to each participant individually, on the basis of which he/she has the right to receive a free visa at the Polish diplomatic missions for the period of participation in the STP. The duration of the visa is the sole decision of the Consul of the Republic of Poland in the given country, the organizer does not have the opportunity and reason to change such a decision.
  • The Organizer does not reimburse additional costs associated with obtaining a visa, for example, a trip to the consulate.

Health insurance expenses

For a STP visit, a prerequisite is the presence of medical insurance for the entire stay in Poland. The insurance must provide funds for treatment and hospital stay. The participant covers the insurance costs independently.


  1. To fill it in, it is necessary to prepare scans or photos of the following documents in PDF, TIF or JPG files, the size of each of which should not exceed 500 KB:

  • grade book or its electronic equivalent. Please, attach the pages with the grades for 2 latest completed semesters. If you are a first year student, please, attach the grades for the latest completed semester only.

  • a letter of recommendation, according to the instruction, written by the head of a public organization with which the candidate cooperates, a representative of the student council, a leader of the volunteer movement, etc. The recommendation letter should be in PDF format, if possible on the official letterhead of the organization and signed by the recommender. In the recommendation letter, please indicate the date of writing the letter, the name, surname, position and function of the recommender and the contacts of the recommender: e-mail, contact phone number

Attention! The scanned files must be named according to their content and with the name of the candidate, that is, in such a way that the evaluators understand what document is inside and to whom it belongs. The file names must be written in Latin letters, as follows: ocenki_arnaut, rekomendacia_arnaut. Please do not insert any other graphic characters into the file name: quotation marks, dots, commas, brackets, slashes, etc.!!!

  1. The candidate has the opportunity to create a draft version of the application. If you wish to edit the application, you can return to the last saved version using the personal code provided at the end of the form, which must be copied and saved for later.

  2. Before sending the application, you must make sure that the e-mail address is correct. This is important because registration confirmation is sent automatically to the specified e-mail.

If you have any questions, you can email
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